A comprehensive communication tool for local networks



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The full name of LanFS is Local Area Network File Send, a network tool with many options, including the ability to transmit files and chat with others inside a local area network.

To use the application, all the computers on the network need to have it installed and running. LanFS includes an option to automatically detect computers and devices on the local network, but they can also be added manually.

One of the advantages of LanFS is the ability to send more than one file at a time so you don't have to wait in front of the computer to send them one by one. The messaging client also supports emoticons, so you can get rid of whatever internal messenger you're currently using.

Other interesting features include the ability to remotely control a computer; open a command shell on the remote computer; run operations such as shutdown and reboot; log out of a user's session; and explore the file system.
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